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To maximize your profit .....

Think price, presentation & promotion

These three keys to selling real estate are the difference between a home sold quickly and one that lingers on the market.


Realistic Price = More Profit

Price is ultimately your call as a seller. Base it on the facts of the market and be prepared with those facts when an offer comes to the table. Almost always, the buyer's offering price will come in low ..... but if the property is realistically priced, the facts of the market will support your negotiating position. And if you negotiate from a position of knowledge and fair-mindedness, your property will ultimately sell for more profit in less time.

  • Q. What is the single most important element in pricing your home to SELL? ~ANSWER
  • Q. How does the mentality - "I need room to negotiate" - or - "It can't hurt to test the market" - backfire on most sellers? ~ANSWER
  • Q. How can you easily attract significantly more buyers by increasing your list price? ~ANSWER
  • Q. Why should you be skeptical of the broker who says "I can sell your home for more money?" ~ANSWER
  • Q. Why does it routinely make more sense not to include furnishings in your listing price? ~ANSWER
  • Q. What is the best pricing strategy for your situation? ~ANSWER

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Picture Perfect & Buyer-Ready

The presentation of your property is entirely up to you as a seller. Prior to putting your home on the market, it is imperative to have it in showcase condition, both for the photos that will be uploaded into the MLS database, and for the Buyers that walk in your front door. You have one shot at a favorable first impression — be certain to make it count!

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  • What are the easiest & least expensive steps you can take to ensure your home sells as quickly as possible? ~ANSWER
  • Does it make financial sense to re-model your home before selling? ~ANSWER
  • What drives buyers to request a showing of your home? ~ANSWER
  • How do you turn showings into contracts? ~ANSWER

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Your Property | Your Interests

Promotion encompasses two distinct and very important roles in the successful sale of your real estate ..... marketing your property and promoting your interests. These are the only pieces of the puzzle that your real estate agent actually controls, but the choice of an agent is entirely within your control. Why not make the very best choice you can? This is an important business decision about who can actually get your property sold for the most amount of profit in the least amount of time.

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  • How does an experienced Realtor get substantially more buyers to find your listing out of all those for sale? ~ANSWER
  • How can your Realtor help you maximize the number of buyers who visit your property? ~ANSWER
  • How does listing your property with a local, independent real estate office like Breckenridge Associates give owners the very best chance of getting their property sold? ~ANSWER
  • How do Mike & Zak help clients sell for more profit? ~ANSWER
  • Why choose Zak & Mike to sell your real estate? ~ANSWER

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