Why Mike Krueger ?| Promtion Answers to Sell for More Profit

Q. Why Choose Mike as your Real Estate Broker?

a. First and foremost, integrity

A philosophy of "what is in the best interest of my client?" will always dictate my business relationship with you as a seller. But that doesn't mean you are always going to get the answer you want to hear, especially when it comes to price and presentation.

I promise to always offer honest & realistic opinions based on the facts of the market and the condition of your property. There is simply no advantage to anyone to offer anything else, particularly where listing price is concerned.

b. In-depth knowledge of the local real estate market

I have lived in Summit County for the past 28 years. I was first licensed as a Colorado real estate agent more than 30 years ago.

I have been involved in more than 500 real estate transactions totaling well over a quarter billion in sales volume. I know the market extremely well and I truly understand the business of getting real estate sold.

c. Education: Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, degree in Economics, class of 1986

No other degree could have better prepared me to grasp the complexities of the real estate business.

This is truly a business of supply and demand, and I remain uniquely qualified to help people on both the supply side as a seller or the demand side as a buyer.

d. Strong communication skills.

Both written and verbal, practiced as a development consultant, an educator, a veteran of the real estate business, and as a person who enjoys conveying important thoughts through writing.

e. Past appraisal experience

As a past registered appraiser, I am one of the only active brokers in our marketplace that has specific education and experience in this important aspect of the real estate business, a clear advantage in helping sellers determine a realistic price for their property.

(Colorado Registered Appraiser license # AR40015982)

f. Thorough understanding of a buyer's decision making process

  • How exactly do buyers initially find the property they purchased?
  • What additional information is most often requested when buyers find a property they are interested in?
  • What makes them want to walk through it?
  • What ultimately compels them to buy it?

Knowing the answers to these all-important questions results in a marketing plan that is un-paralleled.

g. Marketing expertise:

in two distinct areas

First, enabling the maximum number of legitimate buyers to find your property listed for sale.

Second, compelling those same buyers to actually walk through your door. Using statistically sound research data, my marketing plan focuses specifically on these two all-important tasks.

h. Summit County Multiple Listing Service (MLS) —

Chairman (2014)
Board or Committee member 2009 to the Present.

The MLS is positively the most important advertising venue available to help get your property sold. And I happen to be one of the people in charge!

If there is an advantage to be gained on your behalf, I know about it.

Where there are pitfalls, you won't be going! My in-depth understanding of the technology used is second to none.

i. Unique and Effective Website Technology

Used exclusively for my clients benefit, no other real estate agent in the world has access to my proprietary software. Geared specifically and entirely to your property with all of the features that buyers have specifically requested as "most valuable." Check out one listing example:


High definition full-screen photos, maps, tax records, and all other information buyers ask to see.

j. Organization Skills

In this business, it pays a seller well to be prepared. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. One of my favorite mottos! And words to live by when it comes to selling homes as close to listing price as possible.

If your home is priced realistically given the facts of the market, you should certainly be able to prove your property's value by being prepared well-in-advance with those exact facts.

k. Exceptional Negotiation Skills

Learned through specific training as a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) and through hundreds of millions of dollars worth of successfully negotiated contracts. As an example, when the inevitable low-ball offer comes in, you can simply turn back to the buyer and say.....

"Sorry, these specific past sales would indicate the price should be closer to $$xyz,xyz. My sellers are happy to make a deal that is fair to all concerned. Here is the Sellers' counter, here are the past sales that support their pricing position, and thank you so much for your offer."

With a little patience on your part as a Seller, that buyer will almost always sign your counter. Moral of the story? Work with an experienced Realtor who is well versed in negotiating tactics and who truly understands how to best promote not only your property but your interests.

l. Building & Construction Knowledge

I have purchased, re-modeled, designed, built and developed more than a dozen properties in Summit County over the past 20 years. Sometimes as the general contractor, other times as the developer, and always with a hands on approach which has given me invaluable insight on how to deal with the (almost) unavoidable inspection notice issues.

How do you resolve inspection notice issues?

  • Who do you call?
  • What are the options?
  • How do you deal with it?
  • How long will it take?

When problems inevitably arise, know full well you have an expert on your team.

m. Embracing Creativity to Generate More Sales

The obvious creative endeavor is advertising. But you also have photographic creativity, financing creativity, creative contract negotiation ..... creative ways to avoid capital gains taxes and creative home staging ideas, to name a few others. Creativity is the mother of opportunity .....

n. Partner of Breckenridge Associates Real Estate

Arguably the most successful brokerage in all of Summit County. We answer our phones personally and professionally seven days a week to set up showings on your behalf ..... and there is always a broker "on-call" to handle any last-minute buyer requests to visit your property.

o. Professionalism, Flexibility & a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I never forget that the seller is the captain of the ship. I merely offer suggestions on which way to turn it.

Certainly, life happens and flexibility is a key component in dealing with un-expected changes. If you are not satisfied with my performance, or simply need to take your property off the market, there is never a penalty for terminating our agreement.

p. Last, but not least, a completely proven track record.

Mike Krueger sells his residential listings in an average of 47 days on the market. All other brokers average 112 days on the market. I have historically sold my listings in HALF the time! There's a good reason, and it ain't luck .....

With respect to sold price vs. list price ratio, the average broker sold their listings at 95.94% off of listing price while I sold my listings at a ratio of 98.92%.*

The average sales price during this timeframe was $615,682. That translates into an average additional profit of $18.347.

Average Days on Market in the county was 112. Mine was 47. Get stats from any broker before selectiong one ..... be an informed seller.

*Summit County MLS statistics 2010-2019.

Why not allow me to sell your property over two months faster, and put significant additional profit into your pocket?

Dedicated to Seller Profitability

Mike Krueger
cell: (970) 485-1518
email: mikek@realtor.com


**all residential sales in Summit MLS from 2010-2019**