Why Mike Krueger ?| Promtion Answers to Sell for More Profit

Q. How does Mike Krueger help clients sell for more profit?

$I've Learned from Experience

after completing more than 600 transactions, I have a thorough understanding of the process that enables clients to maximize profit on the sale of their property.

The Process is Price, Presentation & Promotion

First, set a smart price.

Second, remove any yuk factors and present the property in its best light.

If you've read the answers to the previous questions, you probably feel this is obvious, but I've probably seen some things in 600+ transactions that you weren't expecting.

$Buyer Turn Out: How-To

Goal is to get the greatest number of potential buyers to see the listing and to ask for a showing.

A good broker knows:

  • Where buyers initially find the property they purchase;
  • What additional information is most often requested when buyers find a property they are interested in;
  • What makes them want to walk through it;
  • What ultimately compels them to buy it.

$ Buyers Arrive:

I know, from experience, when to show a property, when to photograph it, and what concessions you need to make as a seller to realize maximum profit.

In April of 2022, I had a client who wanted to sell a ski-side condo. Normally, they rent the condo during March, but I convinced the owner to leave it off the rental market so potential buyers could vist, and it sold for a record-high price to an out-of-country Buyer who refused to make an offer on any property that he couldn't walk through, during his short visit to town.

$You Get an Offer:

What is the first thing, your broker should do so that you maximize profit? The answer requires effort and not all agents bother, but he or she should make sure there are no other offers in the works.

$Then, Negotiate Well

Learned through specific training as a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) and through hundreds of millions of dollars worth of successfully negotiated contracts. As an example, when the inevitable low-ball offer comes in, you can simply turn back to the buyer and say.....

"Sorry, these specific past sales would indicate the price should be closer to $$xyz,xyz. My sellers are happy to make a deal that is fair to all concerned. Here is the Sellers' counter, here are the past sales that support their pricing position, and thank you so much for your offer."

With a little patience on your part as a Seller, that buyer will almost always sign your counter. Moral of the story? Work with an experienced Realtor who is well versed in negotiating tactics and who truly understands how to best promote not only your property but your interests.

$ Clean Up Messy Contracts

It's been my experience that plenty can go wrong between agreeing to a price and closing.

If the contract the Seller signs is clean and free of unrealistic deadines, there will be far less hassel.

What Broker wouldn't see these problems? Just ask me, I've got plenty of examples.

In general, the Seller's agent doesn't write the contract, the Buyer's agent does. Finding problems requires a conscientious read of what we all know is incredibly boring legalese.

I've learned from experience how to price smart, show what the Buyer wants to see, and negotiate every detail in the Sellers interest. That's how you make more profit.

Dedicated to Seller Profitability

Mike Krueger
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