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Q.How can your Realtor help you maximize the number of buyers who visit your property?

Remember, the preceding question focused on the strategies your broker should be using to enable the greatest number of buyers to find your property for sale.

Now that the buyers have found it, the question becomes ....."How can your Realtor maximize the likelihood that those buyers will want to personally visit your property?"

1. Ensure your home stands apart with professional photography

You've seen it before, and you'll see it again ..... Horrible real estate photos. Or worse yet, none at all.

No photos at all.

NO Photos ?


What in the world are these brokers thinking? The number one request of buyers when looking online at real estate is photos! So make them great — the better the photos, the higher the likelihood that a buyer will request a showing ..... pretty simple!

2. Verbalize the primary photo of your property to further grab your buyer’s attention.

primary MLS photo with text of special feature of property

The photo initially captures a buyer’s attention. The caption within that photo should give your buyers an additional compelling reason to be interested.

Choose an alluring primary photo knowing it’s that image which will initially grab your buyer’s attention.

Verbalize that primary photo to give buyers key information that may very well give them THEIR reason to be further interested in YOUR property.

3. Have a well written description that compels the buyer to look at more photos and request more information.

description of one of Mike's listings in Ten Mile Vista

No property deserves weak and boring representation. Really think about what your property has to offer, communicate it well and make the buyer want to see it firsthand.

4. Provide additional information that buyers will inevitably request prior to making a purchasing decision.

One classic example: rental income.

If your broker makes it easy for buyers to get these figures, the buyer may very well be making a determination that YOUR property is one they should be visiting simply BECAUSE the rental income was available to review.

Other examples include:
  • HOA rules and regulations (are pets allowed?)
  • building plans (can I easily remove a wall and make the kitchen bigger?)
  • improvement location certificate (is there enough room on the lot for a garage?)

The broker with the foresight to have this type of information readily available may very well be the reason that more buyers will visit your home.

5. Engage the brokerage community by offering at least an average commission.

Many brokers simply will not share your property with their clients unless they know a realistic commission is being offered. With so many properties listed for sale, why bother showing the one with a lower paycheck upon closing? Offer a crummy commission, get a crummy response.

6. Make it easy for buyers and the brokerage community to set up showings.

Whether a buyer calls with a request to see the property or a broker is setting up a showing on behalf of a buyer-client .....

be sure your team is able to handle both requests seven days a week. Far too many brokerages are simply not able to answer their phone when someone wants to set up a showing.

.....and the more showings you have,
the more likely you are to receive an offer.

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