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Q. Why does it routinely make more sense NOT to include furnishings in your listing price?

1. The Listing Price Will Be Lower

Without adding in your value of the furnishings, the listing price will necessarily be lower ..... the lower the price, the larger the pool of potential buyers.

You want as many buyers as possible to find and view your property. The more people that see it, the more likely it is to sell. End of story!

2. Lender Will Not Allow It

In virtually all cases when your buyer is getting a loan, their lender will not allow furnishings to be included in the sales price.

lenders don't allow furniture

So why in the world would you as a seller suggest to a buyer that you will include the furnishings in your listing price?

3. Buyers Will Say They Don't Like Your Furniture

It simply does not matter how much you like it or how much you think the furniture is worth, the vast majority of buyers will say they don't like it.

By including the furniture in your listing price, you are giving every buyer an automatic & easy reason to make an offer below list price .....

"Here's our offer Mr. & Mrs. Seller,
It's well below list price because we can't use any of your furniture."

4. Keep this bargaining chip in YOUR back pocket

Almost always, a buyer is going to offer you below list price regardless of whether or not the furniture is included ..... so now you can use the furniture to your advantage .....

poker chips

"Mrs. & Mr. Buyer,
Your offer looks a little low. How about if we agree to this price, and we throw in the furniture as a bonus?"

Remember, I am not suggesting your furniture is worthless.

Rather I am offering a different approach to pricing your home that is virtually guaranteed to attract more potential buyers and give you as a Seller a better negotiating position when an offer does come in.

Common sense strategies that are the direct result of being involved in over 500 real estate transactions and 25 years in the business!

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