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Q. How do you turn showings into contracts?

You provide what buyers want. It's almost universal .....

Buyers are looking for the very best home at the very best price.

Remember, the three keys to selling real estate:
1) price 2) presentation 3) promotion. We discussed price in the first section ..... and we’ll discuss promotion in the next section. Now it’s time to further concentrate on the very best home ..... in other words


It's all about the presentation of your home.

Aside from price, what will make your property more appealing than your competition?

Common sense dictates the answer;

the overwhelming majority of buyers want a show-case or an immaculate property that is move-in ready. Few potential buyers say they want a fixer upper that will require a lot of time, money and effort post-closing. If they do, they want it cheap.

As a pro-active seller, you need to do everything in your power to make your property move-in ready.

That means you need to look moved-out.


  • personal photos
  • clothes spilling from closets
  • religious items
  • the pantry's emergency rations
  • old paperwork
  • tools and big garage fillers
  • holiday decorations
  • ugly or smelly sports gear

Except for what's needed for staging .....

You need to remove yourself and your personal touches from the property -

the property you no longer want to be yours.

room with a view

You want buyers to imagine themselves, conveniently, in the property you're trying to sell ..... and you want buyers to feel there's plenty of room for all of their stuff.  It is much easier on both fronts when your stuff  is gone.

Remember, promotion is the responsibility of your Realtor & gets the buyer in the door .....

The price & presentation - your responsibility as a Seller - ultimately gets the buyer to write you an offer.

If you truly want your home to
scream BUY ME!

Give buyers exactly what they always want: a great home at a realistic price. The offers will not be far behind.

Minimize a buyer's hassle and maximize your odds of being SOLD for maximum profit!

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