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Q. Does it make financial sense to re-model your home before selling?

The chart here says it all.....

There is not one remodel project on the chart that has a positive return on investment. You may get more money, but you never realize more profit.


About the only time it makes sense to do a re-model is right after you purchase a property, not right before you sell it .....


When a remodel is for your own personal use into the future, the return on investment is realized over your personal years of enjoyment.....



When a remodel is planned to help facilitate a sale, the money spent is rarely recouped.

Rather than spending money on a remodel, sellers are almost always financially better off lowering their list price and giving their buyer free reign on a project that makes sense to them after closing.....

With exceptions to the rule, of course! Carpet and paint ..... these two projects cannot be considered full-blown "remodels" ..... rather they should be categorized as necessary maintenance items.

No need to remodel,
instead: clean, de-clutter and stage.

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