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About Real Estate Summit County

For nearly 27 years Mike Krueger has been connecting clients with great real estate deals, and has consistently had some of the best statistics of all the real estate brokers in Summit County. He's a broker/partner of Breckenridge Associates Real Estate, the most active group of Realtors in the county.

Real Estate Summit County

Mike developed Real Estate Summit County to be able to show clients all the data available from every property sale recorded in Summit County. If you go to Market Data, you can search all sales, months with highest sales, assessor values and more, in a totally sortable and interactive way.

Why Is Real Estate is like Baseball?

In the world of professional baseball, there are farm teams, minor leaguers and the majors. Real Estate Sales is like baseball; everyone wants to play, everyone wants to make it to the majors, but not everyone who plays rises to the top.

Find the complete answer, read Real Estate is like Baseball.

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A graduate of Williams College, Mike has a thorough understanding of financing options, tax benefits and 1031 exchanges.

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